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Welcome to

End of 2004 i started working on a portal web project with the idea to found a business based on this project. As long as i remember i was interested in science in creating and constructing things – always looking for an optimal solution, always as creative as possible and often very individual.

As end of 2006 my company closed it's doors I started the adventure to found a business. Since then I used my time and my savings to make my business idea reality. In the last years I learned very much over Java Web programming and gathered also a multiplicity of solution components for Web applications in my toolbox.

I have arranged some of my skills and project ideas on this website to give you an good impression of me and my abilities.

This page was made to help you decide:

  • whether I can advise you with the conception of your project,
  • whether I am the right coworker for your project team
  • whether I am to realize a project in self-direction for you,
  • whether you would like to invest into one of my project ideas,
  • or whether you want to cooperate in one of my project ideas.

I am pleased to speak with you about your projects!